Philosophy of Education

At Manheim Christian Day School, we believe that the foundation for truth can be discerned by using a Biblical perspective to life’s situations. We believe that God created each student with special abilities and it is our task to help each student reach his/her God-given capabilities. We believe that teaching academic truths is done in conjunction with the social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of education. This grows out of our belief that true learning incorporates both the intellectual and spiritual aspects of a child’s well being.

All staff members at Manheim Christian Day School are fully committed to Christian education and the teachings of Jesus Christ. They incorporate Biblical principles into learning situations as illustrated in Matthew 5-7, creating an atmosphere where students can grow in Christ-like qualities to apply in their individual lives. It is our goal to provide a safe learning environment where each student can develop and nurture a belief system that evolves into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that a Christian education model is best achieved when the school’s educational philosophy is understood and supported by both parents and school personnel. An attitude of mutual respect and cooperation optimizes each opportunity to make Manheim Christian Day School a life-changing educational setting. We believe the foundations laid in this type of environment will prepare each student to become instruments of change in the world.

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The mission of Manheim Christian Day School is to provide a Christ-centered environment where students develop Biblical principles while receiving a quality education.






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