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All staff members at Manheim Christian Day School are fully committed to Christian education and the teachings of Jesus Christ. They incorporate Biblical principles into learning situations as illustrated in Matthew 5–7, creating an atmosphere where students can grow in Christ-like qualities to apply in their individual lives. It is our goal to provide a safe learning environment where each student can develop and nurture a belief system that evolves into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



Faculty & Staff

School Board


Courtney Frazier


Early Childhood and Elementary Education degree, Millersville University
PA Grades 4-8 Social Studies Certificate

Fauquier County Schools, Virginia 2003-2004
King George County Schools, Virginia 2004-2007
Manheim Central School District 2007-2020
Manheim Christian Day School 2020-Present

E-mail: courtney.frazier@manheimchristian.org

"I believe teachers have the ability to change lives. We can shine the love of Jesus through our words and actions and we have the privilege to help children grow in their faith."

Wendy Harley

M/W & T/Th Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Liberty University; Millersville University

Lancaster Christian Academy 1985-1986
Lititz Christian School 1987-1988
Manheim Christian Day School 1998-Present

E-mail: wendy.harley@manheimchristian.org

"I believe we are to nurture the whole child and help him/her experience God daily in every area of life."

Trish White

Fun Friday Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

B.S. in Bible and Certification in Early Childhood Education, Lancaster Bible College

Reidenbaugh Elementary School (Envision/Kindergarten Enrichment Teacher) 2001-2002
Dayspring Christian Academy (1st Grade Teacher) 2002-2003
Linville Hill Christian School (2nd Grade Teacher) 2003-2005
Manheim Christian Day School 2015-Present

E-mail: trish.white@manheimchristian.org 

"I believe Christian education is a partnership between teachers and families that helps point children to Christ, By teaching the Bible as absolute truth and by centering education on Christ, children are taught to see God’s hands in all areas of learning and life."

Jean Peachey

3 Day Kindergarten Teacher

B.S. in Home Economics Education, University of Georgia
Early Childhood Certification Program, Arizona State University

Montessori School of Flagstaff, Arizona 1984-1987
Newcomb Elementary, New Mexico 1987-1991
Penn State, York 1997-2003
Manheim Christian Day School 2003-Present

E-mail: jean.peachey@manheimchristian.org 

"I believe that children are a gift from God. As a teacher, it is my role to help each child develop and grow in their many God-given gifts and abilities. I do this by providing a Christ-centered environment that fosters spiritual, mental, social and emotional growth."

Julia Nolt

1st Grade Teacher

B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Certification, Millersville University

Manheim Christian Day School 1994-1999; 2011-Present

E-mail: julia.nolt@manheimchristian.org

"All children have within them the capacity and hunger for learning. As a teacher, it is my awesome privilege and responsibility to help each child grow toward his/her God-given potential in all areas of life."

2nd Grade Teacher

B.A. in Early Childhood Education, Hesston College
B.S. in Elementary/Early Childhood Education, Millersville University
Masters in Education (Curriculum Development Emphasis), EMU

Little People Day Care (Pre-Kindergarten) 1980-1984
Manheim Christian Day School 1985-Present

E-mail: rachel.tann@manheimchristian.org 

"I enjoy learning and the excitement my students bring to the classroom. In addition to providing quality academics, I want to encourage my students to treat each other with kindness and to grow in their love and understanding of God."

Malinda Stoner

5 Day Kindergarten Teacher

B.S. in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Certification, Millersville University

Manheim Christian Day School 2011-Present

E-mail: malinda.stoner@manheimchristian.org

"Interacting with young children on a daily basis is a continual reminder for me to find joy in even the simple things. My goal is to provide a place for children to explore and create, learn and grow, and experience a relational God."

Rachel Tann

3rd Grade Teacher

B.S. in Childhood Education (PreK-4) and Special Education (PreK-12), Shippensburg University

Hempfield School District (5th grade long-term sub) 2021
Manheim Christian Day School 2021-present

E-mail: hannah.fisher@manheimchristian.org

"My goal as an educator is to show each student how they can overcome challenges and fears, to enjoy and love learning, and to help each child find fulfillment in Christ. I desire for all students to find their potential as life-long learners in the classroom."

Hannah Fisher

4th Grade Teacher

B.S in Humanities, Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.S in the Art of Teaching, Fairleigh Dickinson University
K-5 NJ Certification & Pre-school-3 NJ Certification

American Christian School, New Jersey 2011-2015
U-Gro Learning Centers, Lititz 2015-2016
Manheim Christian Day School 2016-Present

E-mail: kerri.kinter@manheimchristian.org

"I believe God has created each one of my students in a special way and has given them a special purpose in life. As a teacher, it is my joy to help guide my students as they learn more about this world and God’s place for them in this world. Children are a heritage from the Lord. Psalm 127:3a"

Kerri Kinter

Middle School Social Studies

A.A. in Elementary Education, Harrisburg Area Community College
B.S. in Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education (K-12), Millersville University

Manheim Christian Day School 2019-Present

E-mail: lori.henry@manheimchristian.org

"I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with students and encourage them to be lifelong learners. Even the youngest of students can be an example to someone in their lives. That’s why I love I Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”

Lori Henry

Middle School Language Arts

B.S. in English Education, Millersville University

Manheim Christian Day School 2020-Present

E-mail: john.leininger@manheimchristian.org

"I believe God has built into all of us a sense of curiosity and that my goal as a teacher is to awaken that sense by providing the opportunities and skills for students to ask questions, work together, and explore the world God has given us."

John Leininger

Middle School Science

B.S. in Education, B.A. in Biblical Studies, Lancaster Bible College

Manheim Christian Day School 2018-Present

E-mail: rodney.zimmerman@manheimchristian.org

"My goal is to inspire my students to be curious about their world, and to seek to understand God through the things he has created. I want to help students grow academically, socially, and spiritually, and discover their unique God-given gifts."

Rodney Zimmerman

Middle School Math

B.S. in Middle Level Education with concentrations in Mathematics and Language Arts, Lock Haven University

Manheim Christian Day School 2017-Present

E-mail: victoria.nork@manheimchristian.org

"My role as a teacher is to give students the tools with which to cultivate their own knowledge. To accomplish this goal, I will teach to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful."

Victoria Nork

Middle School Bible Teacher / Athletic Director / Director of Operations

B.S. in Bible and in Education/Health & Physical Education, Lancaster Bible College

Manheim Christian Day School 2008-Present

E-mail: justin.sauder@manheimchristian.org

"My mission is to prepare students for a life of service to God by guiding them in their understanding of the connection with the physical, mental, and spiritual components of life. Everyday I see students learning about God on the sports field, in the classroom, and in their relationships with each other. Being an alumnus of MCDS, I understand the importance of Christian education and its positive and lasting impact in a student’s life."

Justin Sauder

Music Teacher

B.S. in Elementary Education, Millersville University
Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Hesston College

Ephrata Area Mennonite School (4th grade teacher) 2001-2002
Stafford County Public Schools, Virginia (5th grade teacher) 2005-2008
Rock Hill Public Schools, South Carolina (3rd grade teacher) 2009-2012
John Beck Elementary (2nd/4th grade long term sub) 2014-2015
Manheim Christian Day School 2020-Present

E-mail: christel.briggs@manheimchristian.org

"As an educator, my desire is to instill a love of learning in my students through hands-on activities and other creative opportunities. In addition, I desire my students to be respectful and responsible individuals that have an active relationship with Jesus Christ, so throughout their lives they will be productive members of society that influence others positively."

Christel Briggs

Physical Education / Health / Computer Teacher

B.S. PreK-12 Health and Physical Education, Eastern Mennonite University

Page County High School 2007 – 2009
Hildebrandt Learning Centers/Bright Horizons Family Solutions 2015-2017
Manheim Christian Day School 2019-Present

E-mail: joy.shelly@manheimchristian.org

"My goal is to educate, communicate, and engage students in life long healthy habits. Through care and providing positive feedback to encourage long, active, healthy lives. It is my prayer that students find physical activities they enjoy and want to participate in long after they graduate."

Joy Shelly

Art Teacher

B.S. in Art Education K-12 Certification, Messiah College

Lamberton Middle School (Art long-term sub) April 2013-June 2014
Splat Family Art Studio April 2015-January 2016
Manheim Christian Day School 2015-Present

E-mail: becca.college@manheimchristian.org

"My goal as a Christian and as a teacher is to inspire children to be participants in the creative process and use the talents the Lord has gifted them with. I want my students to see the world in a new way—to form connections through art to their faith, their peers, core subjects, the environment, history, and culture."

Rebecca College

Teacher Aides

Sharon Ginder

Pre-K / Kindergarten Aide

Abbi Martin

Kindergarten Aide

Christie Nissley

Pre-K Aide

Brandi Pidcock

2nd Grade Aide

Karen Stoner


Taylor Strickler

1st Grade Aide

Monica Gehman

Intermediate Aide


Natalya “Sasha” Carpenter

Administrative Assistant

Jen Kosydar

Events Coordinator / Office Assistant;
Fun Friday Aide

Kim Metzler

Enrollment Coordinator

Rebecca Nissly

Finance Manager

Lee Musser

Facility Manager

Rachel Miller

Hot Lunch Assistant

Andrea McNece

Hot Lunch Coordinator

Jon Sauder

Student Support


The mission of MCDS is to pursue academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment where students develop Biblical values and perspectives to prepare them for a lifetime relationship with Jesus Christ.






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